Inkjet Cartridges

The question that I lay before you today is, “are inkjet cartridges better or worse than their major competitor the laser cartridge full of so called toner?” There are many facets to this issue, not all of which will be covered in this very short work of art called an article about ink. I do however hope to cover some of the more important points that will help you to decide on what kind of printer you want to purchase namely an inkjet or a laser printer.

Inkjet printers work like a ball point pen in a way. This technology is quite a bit less expensive which makes the printer itself as well as its maintenance cheaper as well. This is probably the largest way in which the inkjet lords it over its competitor the laser. You will save a considerable amount of money purchasing an inkjet and regularly paying for the inkjet cartridges (which are still quite expensive if you ask me) than you will owning and operating the typical laser printer. This is why buy and large the inkjet has held the corner of the personal computing market for a long, long time.

There is some sense in which you pay for what you get in this market of computer printers. With an inkjet printer and inkjet cartridges you have a noticeably lower quality printout. Not really a big deal for the home printer necessities like printing out a map from mapquest quick before a trip but it is enough of a difference that businesses usually find it worthwhile to bite the bullet and purchase the more expensive laser quality printer which will put out superior quality.

Quality can be measured in crispness of print, permanence of ink placement, speed of print, and ability to produce graphics and color. Inkjet cartridges printers are coming into their own however. Their prints are getting faster, more precise, and more smudge free than ever and all while maintaining that low price that everybody loves. Laser is feeling the heat and trying to respond, though moving more slowly, to these “threats.”

The one thing that laser printers still have a good hold of is the business market for multi-tasker machines. That is to say that inkjet still has not ventured into the facsimile and/or copier areas and seems to be conceding these areas. Therefore there is room to breath for the lasers over inkjet cartridges printers in this area.

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