Infrared Heaters

For any manager who wants to install adequate heating throughout an industrial facility, the range of options is almost endless. From powerful roof mounted space heaters through to smaller floor standing devices designed to warm a small area, getting the right heating equipment for your needs can be confusing. The sheer range of different options that are available when it comes to heating a workplace means that many employers end up developing a system that is not as efficient or cost effective as it might be.

The best quality heating equipment for most workplaces comes in the form of infrared heaters. These devices are intended to provide a narrow spectrum of energy that will quickly and effectively heat an area so that it is more comfortable for staff, and also offers a consistent environmental state for handling of materials.

Infared heaters are simple and straightforward devices that have been around for years, but over the last few years, a number of advances to the design have made them even more efficient. The standard format of the heater is a high resistance coil surrounded by a reflective dish. This provides a highly directional beam of heat that can be targeted on a particular area to warm it.

The simplicity of the infrared heater means that there is little that can go wrong with it. They can be installed relatively quickly and thanks to their straightforward design are an item that you can forget about. With so little to go wrong, they rarely do, and because of their simplicity, they are a relatively low cost item to install.

There are a number of advantages of installing infrared heaters throughout the workplace. Aside from the low cost, lack of maintenance required and ease of use that they provide, they are also very efficient at warming a particular area very quickly. Thanks to their relatively high power – up to 13.5 kilowatts of heating when connected to a 480 Volt system, they can be turned on and within a short period of time, the area they are pointing at will be heated enough to make the area comfortable for working.

Aside from the comfort issue that makes it important for employers to create a comfortable environment to work in, another benefit of installing infrared heaters throughout the workplace means that any materials used will be stored and worked with at a consistent temperature. This can reduce the incidence of buckling and any wastage that occurs as a result, making for a more efficient process and lower ongoing material costs.

Whether you choose to install a fixed and roof mounted infrared heater or find it more convenient to choose free standing and portable devices, you will quickly find that achieving the correct working temperature throughout the facility is much easier than you might have thought in advance, and be able to enjoy a number of benefits in terms of stability and scalability for increasing efficiency and comfort for staff.

Whether you need to install air flow machinery and industrial fans through the workplace to improve staff comfort or to ensure that solvent fumes are properly vented from the premises, the range of different industrial blowers and fans available means that any business can be sure of getting exactly the right equipment to get the proper balance of fresh air and comfortable temperatures that makes the workplace more comfortable.

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