Infrared Camera Applications – How Many Do You Know?

The infrared camera might as well be the next James Bond. Not only is it as suave and versatile, it is also as ingenious. It has a wide array of uses for different types of applications and industries.

Here are a few of the different infrared camera applications.

Photography is one infrared camera application we see every day. Infrared cameras help you take the perfect shot because they show unusual tonality that is so distinctive from that of regular cameras. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, however. While some photographers would rhapsodize over the pictures taken through this particular infrared camera application, others might run out of the darkroom screaming.

Termite Terminator
Seasoned building inspectors can very well appreciate this type of infrared camera application. Sick of termites? Infrared cameras may be used to look for them. With the use of infrared cameras, inspectors can check for termite presence in the electrical and plumbing systems of your house.

Driving Duty
The automobile industry benefits from this infrared camera application. BMW automakers recognize the power of infrared cameras. They developed the Pathfinder, which is located in the grill and powered by the car’s battery. This technology can be used to help drivers see beyond the range of the headlights.

Transformer Checker
Not only do infrared cameras improve car vision, they can also be used to check on transformers. Infrared camera application of this type helps utility firms identify transformers that are on the verge of exploding.

Doctor, Doctor!
Diagnostics is one infrared camera application that has been seeing much use in clinics and hospitals. Infrared cameras may be used to check internal organs and minute parts of our body. They can probe where no one and nothing else could.

Space Cadet
One common infrared camera application lies beyond the stars. NASA used infrared cameras to learn more about space. In particular, they use infrared cameras to gather information about stars.

Everyday Security
Beefing up day-to-day security is yet another common infrared camera application. With the use of infrared cameras, security detail can sweep people and areas for dangerous weapons, bugs, and the like. This type of infrared camera application sees the most use in airports, borders, dams, and nuclear power plants.

The many infrared camera applications enumerated above are but a few of the many uses of infrared technology. There is no doubt that in the years to come, the list will continue to expand faster than you could say, “infrared!”

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