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Information on Australian Baby Boomers

There are thousands or probably millions of babies born every day. The world’s population is enormously increasing every second. The highly noted increase of births happened way back in the 1940’s. After the Second World War, there was a boom of babies born for nearly twenty years. This generation was called Baby Boomers.

Baby boomers are not merely concentrated in the US, but also in other countries like Australia. The boomers generation brought about transformation in the norms of their respective societies. They made a big impact in areas such as politics; and disrupted the established society of almost all nations.

Like the US, Australia is now expecting that baby boomers will again be the cause of cultural shifts and demographic events. Social scientists, marketers, demographers, and politicians have most of their attention to baby boomers. Now that boomers are nearly retiring and some of them are in their middle ages, the country is sure to experience great changes in the economy, and the country as a whole.

The baby boomers in Australia were those born from 1946 to 1961. And according to statistics, there are more than four million boomers in the country. They make up around 79% of the entire labor force including employed professionals, managers, and laborers. Their income levels are high and this is because most of them were able to graduate with a college degree and postgraduate diploma.

Since most of the baby boomers are in the workforce, the country is now preparing for their retirement. But you very well know boomers; they will likely continue working even after retirement age. Some of them will probably change careers and enter into a business of their own, while some of them will be working part-time. Boomers are individuals who go beyond the boundaries; they always want to make a change.

Baby boomers in Australia are divided into two groups, namely: leading edge and trailing edge. The boomers who belonged to ‘leading edge’ took advantage of all the good things in life. They all have good homes, few debts, high disposable income, and are powerful. They dominate the economy and the political scene. On the other hand, the ‘trailing’ group wasn’t able to have similar opportunities. They were able to experience the depressed economy after the stock market crashed in 1987. Now, they experience financial difficulties in educating their children, and most of them don’t own a house.

There was a conclusive study that senior boomers became careful and thrifty now that they are close to retirement. But the junior boomers have the advantage because they adopted that habit long before the seniors have realized the value of spending and saving money.

Within 2011-2021, the baby boomers of Australia will belong to the frail and inactive group. They are now over 65 years old, and since they make up a huge percentage of the population, the country will soon face a new challenge. Australia should be able to provide diverse services for these aging baby boomers.

The boomer’s generation continues to be a unique one. You can’t expect them to do traditional activities for old people. Boomers want to retain their youthfulness, and so they will likely engage in inter-generational activities with the teenagers.

Baby boomers are educated and assertive. Most of them want to be involved in learning programs; and they are open to the use of new technology. This is contrary to the belief of many people that old folks resent the use of new technology.

Australia should be prepared for the baby boomer’s generation. The proper authorities should determine programs or services for the senior boomers with availability and diversity of options. They should be innovative, committed, and enthusiastic and use effective marketing techniques or methods to attract the attention of boomers. Boomers love to get attention, and they only want the best in everything.

Like any other country with baby boomers, Australia will be greatly affected as boomers reach their end. For many years, they have been part of the country. Although during their younger years they were quite notorious and values only themselves, they made many important contributions and changes to the country. These contributions and changes helped in making a prosperous nation.

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