God Most High



God Most High, we praise You, honor, and exalt You.

You Who live forever, to You our song we raise.

Oh, how great Your signs, Lord;
mighty are Your wonders.

Eternal ruler, worthy of all praise!

Your enduring kingdom lasts for generations.

Your dominion is eternal, and You rule all men.

You alone are living;
You endure forever.

Your kingdom, Lord, will never have an end.

All earth’s many peoples You regard as nothing.

You do as You please in Heaven and on earth below.

None can overpower You;
none can hold Your hand back.

None dares to ask You why You acted so.

King of Heav’n, we praise You, glorify, exalt You.

Everything You do is right, and all Your ways are just.

All the proud and boastful You can quickly humble.

We bow before You;
Lord, in You we trust.

God Most High Hymn Lyric

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