Comes A Call From The God Of Truth And Right



Comes a call from the God of truth and right
Bidding all his hosts afield
Armed with buckler, sword and shield;
See, his banner is unfurled;
God would conquer all the world:
Answer him, I am ready for the fight.

Music ringing, heroes singing,
Onward to the war,
Jesus is our Captain and he Marches on before.

Music ringing, heroes singing,
Courage rises high;
In the name of God advance, and victory is nigh.

God on high bares his arm of holy might;
Never fear to meet the foe,
Dread not all the pow’rs below;
Angels join our battle-cry,
Fighting for us from on high;
Follow on, follow Jesus in the right.

Comes a cry, ’tis the shout of victory:
Sin is conquered by his grace;
Fall the foes we boldly face;
Darkness fades before the light;
Error falls before the light;
Praise the Lord for the dawn of liberty.

Comes A Call From The God Of Truth And Right Hymn Lyric

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