Come To The Land Where The Seraphim Shine



Come to the land where the seraphim shine,
Come to the city of splendor divine,
Come to the country by cherubim trod,
Come to the palace and kingdom of God.

Come to the temple of song and of praise,
Join in the anthem they joyfully raise,
Shout the glad triumph, eternally sing,
Honor and glory to Jesus, the King.

There is the throne of the mighty I am,
There is the glory of God and the Lamb,
There are the saints in their garments of white
Decked with their crowns and their raiment so bright.

There are the prophets, apostles and all,
Saved from their sins and the guilt of the fall,
Ransomed, redeemed by the victim that died,
Jesus the spotless, the Lamb crucified.

Come To The Land Where The Seraphim Shine Hymn Lyric

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