Come To The House Of God



Come to the house of God,
His people gather there;
Come join with them in song,
Come kneel with them in prayer.

Come for the Spirit calls,
O sinner, calls thee now;
Come while the Saviour waits,
Before him humbly bow.

Come, heavy ladened one,
There’s promise sweet for thee;
Hear now thy Saviour say–
Come, weary one, to Me.

Come all who needy are,
The tempted and the tried;
From self now look away
To Christ, the crucified.

Come, Jew and Gentile both,
Come all, with one accord;
Come to his courts today,
And gladly praise the Lord.

Come all who love our God,
And bless his name today;
Come worship at his feet,
And to him humbly pray.

Come To The House Of God Hymn Lyric

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