Come To The Glorious Gospel Feast



Come to the glorious gospel feast

every one that will!

O come ye starving souls and taste
Those joys that none can tell.

Arise ye mortals that are sad
And bordering on despair,
Lo there is balm in Gilead,
And a physician there.

Look to the Savior’s bleeding side,
Behold the purple gore;
It was for wounded souls he died,
The sin-sick to restore.

Behold him on the cursed tree,
With arms extended wide,
For sinners such as you and me,
The bleeding Savior died.

‘Tis finished said his dying breath,
And conquered death and hell,
That rebels, doomed to endless death,
Might in his bosom dwell.

Come then receive his grace and tell
The wonders of his love;
Till we arise with him to dwell,
In the bright worlds above.

No sin nor foe shall there annoy,
Or wound your peaceful breast;
But boundless love, unmingled joy,
And everlasting rest.

Come To The Glorious Gospel Feast Hymn Lyric

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