Come To The Fountain So Full And So Free



Come to the fountain so full and so free,
Plunge in today, it is open for thee;
Come and be washed in the soul-cleansing tide,
Come while the fountain is open so wide.

Hasten, O sinner, no longer delay;
God in his mercy is calling today;
Time is now passing, ere long ’twill be o’er;
Come, sinner, come, he is calling once more.

Seek ye the Lord, he is pleading in love,
Come while he tenderly calls from above;
Think of his goodness in sparing thy soul;
Sinner, O sinner, come now and be whole.

Oh, do not tarry, decide to serve God,
While there is cleansing in Christ’s precious blood;
Soon as thy judge he will close mercy’s door,
Leaving thee hopeless and lost evermore.

Sinner, be thoughtful, thy soul is at stake;
Foresee thy doom in the fire of that lake;
Wisely consider thy profit and loss,
Start now for heaven by way of the cross.

God cannot save thee unless thou wilt yield,
Thru wrong decision thy doom may be sealed;
Choose thy salvation today, yes, today;
Hope’s star is going still farther away.

Come To The Fountain So Full And So Free Hymn Lyric

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