Come To The Feast Of Heavenly Wine



Come to the feast of heav’nly wine,
O man!

and make this blessing thine;
Your Lord himself, invites to up,
And share the blessings of the cup.

Praise ye the Saviour, ye that eat,
Since he affords to you this treat!

Ye are with his rich bounties fed,
And Jesus is your living bread.

Ye helpless poor and needy come!

O come for you there is yet room;
O come!

and ye shall surely find Refreshments for the weary mind.

O sinners, this is welcome news,
O pray be wise and don’t refuse;
Come venture, you shall find it true:
This table it is set for you.

Dear Lord, if sin can be a plea,
Then there is grace in store for me;
Through mercy I shall find a place,
And with the rest be sav’d by grace.

I come, O Saviour as I am!

Thy merits I do humbly claim;
Thy promise give me free access,
To everlasting life and peace.

Come To The Feast Of Heavenly Wine Hymn Lyric

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