Come To The Fathers House



Come to our Father’s house,
Come, ere the day be gone;
Tempests are gath’ring fast,
Darkness is coming on.

Fly, for the tempest is coming,
Sweeping the fields of sin;
Knock at the portals of mercy,
Jesus will let you in.

Look at the weary way,
Look where thy feet have trod;
Finding no rest nor peace,
Wand’ring away from God.

Darker thy pathway grows,
Soon will the night come down;
Fiercely the lightnings flash,
Darker the tempests frown.

Fly from the fields of sin,
Fly for the life today;
Fly to our Father’s house,
Enter the narrow way.

Here will Thy soul find rest,
Safe from each angry blast;
Here find a perfect peace,-
Joys that forever last.

Come To The Fathers House Hymn Lyric

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