Come To The Clear Deep River



Come to the deep, clear river,
Come where the pastures call,
Give to the great, good Giver
The trust that is thy all;
From want eternal fleeing,
Come to an endless store;
Bring thy whole famished being,
For he wants nothing more.

If thoughts of thine appall thee,
Oh, lean on him and live;
To sacrifice they call thee,
While he is here to give;
Accept thy Father’s measure,
Of need that he can see;
The heart to do his pleasure
Is in his love for thee.

He will not now refuse thee,
Weak hands and vision dim,
For some things he will use thee,
But first they wanted him.

The spirit worn with straying
Will find his judgment best;
Oh, hear what he is saying,
And yield thyself to rest.

For one transporting minute,
The beck’ning word obey;
There is a pow’r within it
To bear thee on thy way;
That voice of mercy speaking,
Is God the Savior’s might,
And all thy heart is seeking,
Lies safely into light.

Come To The Clear Deep River Hymn Lyric

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