Come To The Ark Of Refuge



Come to the ark of refuge,
Come to the place of rest;
Safe in this quiet harbor,
Naught can thy peace molest;
Come with thy guilt to Jesus,
Weary and sore distressed;
List to His plea, Come unto Me,
And I will give you rest.

O message of mercy!

Unbounded, unknown!

He died to redeem thee;
O make Him now thine own!

By faith in His mercy,
By trust in His grace;
With saints in His kingdom,
He’ll give thy soul a place.

Come to the heart that loves thee,
Come to the soul’s true home,
Come while the Lord invites thee,
Come while there yet is room;
Tell Him thy every sorrow,
Naught from this Friend withhold;
He’ll hear thy prayer, thy burden bear,
Trust in His love untold.

Come to the soul’s sure refuge;
When breaks the world’s fierce blast,
He will protect His children
Till all is overpast;
When storms without are raging
Rest and be not afraid;
Look to the Lord, hope in His word,
Trust, and be undismayed.

Come To The Ark Of Refuge Hymn Lyric

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