Come To Me All Ye So Weary



Come to Me, all ye so weary!

I was weary to despair,
And I longed for the green pastures
Of the heav’nly land so fair,
And I almost caught a glimmer
Of the radiance of the blest,
As unto my heart He whisper’d,
Come to Me, I’ll give you rest.

And as music softly stealeth
O’er the billows of the sea,
Thus upon my troubled spirit
Fell those accents, Come to Me.

Come to Me, ye heavy laden!

My sad heart was sore oppressed,
And my burden was so grievous
That the night brought me no rest,
‘Till I cried, O blessed Father,
In compassion so divine,
Look Thou down in tender pity
On this aching heart of mine!

All so anxious and so eager
Did I bend my list’ning ear,
Lest some word of His dear message
I should fail to catch or hear;
I forgot my heavy burden,
I had laid it at His feet,
In exchange for it He’d given
Me a song so new, so sweet.


the blessedness of hearing This sweet message to my soul;
Tho’ the storms of life are tempests,
And the billows near me roll;
Yet I listen to His promise,
To the words I love the best,
All ye weary, heavy-laden,
Come to Me, I’ll give you rest.

Come To Me All Ye So Weary Hymn Lyric

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