Come To Jesus Trembling Sinner



Come to Jesus, trembling sinner,
With your load of guilt oppressed;
Come to Jesus, he will save you,
Come, and he will give you rest.

Come to Jesus, come to Jesus,
Weary sinner, come to Jesus while you may;
He will save you, he wills save you,
Weary sinner, he will save you, come today.

He is waiting, he is ready,
Tender, loving words to say;
Will you not accept his blessing?

Give your heart to him today?

Time is flying, do not tarry,
Haste, while it is called today!

Can you spurn his tender pleading?

Can you turn this friend away?

Do not linger, do not trifle,
Heed your loving Saviour’s call;
In his tender heart there’s mercy,
In his arms there’s room for all.

Come To Jesus Trembling Sinner Hymn Lyric

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