Come To Christ One And All



Come to Christ, one and all, ev’rywhere,
Follow Him, and His Cross gladly bear;
Listen to His pleading, Jesus you’ll be needing
When He’s interceding for men over there.

Calling, calling, list to His call,
Come and live, escape Sin’s thrall;
Yoke of sin is galling, many men are falling,
Hear the Master calling for you, one and all.

Jesus died on the Cross, grim and tall,
Died for me, died for you, died for all;
Make now your decision for a home Elysian,
Treat not with derision now your Master’s call.

Friends may pray for your soul till death’s dew
On your brow tells to them all too true,
Pray’rs all unavailing, song and sermon failing,
Grief to them entailing, ever lost are you.

Why delay?

Enter now, there is room
In that Land Blessed where flow’rs e’er bloom;
Danger in delaying, cease your Lord betraying,
Time you were obeying Him who saves from doom.

Come To Christ One And All Hymn Lyric

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