Come Thou Weary Jesus Calls Thee



Come, thou weary, Jesus calls thee
To His wounded side;
Come to me, saith He, and ever
Safe abide.

Seeking Jesus?

Jesus seeks thee-
Wants thee as thou art;
He is knocking, ever knocking,
At thy heart.

If thou let Him, He will save thee-
Make thee all His own;
Guide thee, keep thee, take thee, dying,
To His throne.

Wilt thou still refuse His offer?

Wilt thou say Him nay?

Wilt thou let Him, grieved, rejected,
Go away?

Dost thou feel thy life is weary?

Is thy soul distressed?

Take His offer, wait no longer;
Be at rest!

Come Thou Weary Jesus Calls Thee Hymn Lyric

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