Come Thou Precious Ransom Come



Come, Thou precious Ransom, come,
Only hope for sinful mortals!

Come, O Savior of the world!

Open are to Thee all portals.

Come, Thy beauty let us see;
Anxiously we wait for Thee.

Enter now my waiting heart,
Glorious King and Lord most holy.

Dwell in me and ne’er depart,
Though I am but poor and lowly.

Ah, what riches will be mine
When Thou art my guest divine!

My hosannas and my palms
Graciously receive, I pray Thee;
Evermore, as best I can,
Savior, I will homage pay Thee,
And in faith I will embrace,
Lord, Thy merit through Thy grace.


Hosanna, David’s Son!

Jesus, hear our supplication!

Let Thy kingdom, scepter, crown,
Bring us blessing and salvation,
That forever we may sing:

Hosanna to our King.

Come Thou Precious Ransom Come Hymn Lyric

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