Come Thou High And Lofty Lord



Part the Second
Come, thou high and lofty Lord:
Lowly, meek, incarnate word;
Humbly stoop to earth again;
Come, and visit abject man!

Jesu, dear expected guest,
Thou art bidden to the feast:
For thyself our hearts prepare!

Come, and sit, and banquet there.

Jesu, we thy promise claim:
We are met in thy great name;
In the midst do thou appear,
Manifest thy presence here:
Sanctify us, Lord, and bless:
Breathe thy Spirit, give thy peace:
Though thyself within us move;
Make our feast a feast of love.

Let the fruits of grace abound;
Let in us thy bowels sound;
Faith, and love, and joy increase,
Temperance and gentleness;
Plant in us thy humble mind,
Patient, pitiful, and kind:
Meek and lowly let us be,
Full of goodness, full of thee.

Make us all in thee complete:
Make us all for glory meet;
Meet t’ appear before thy sight,
Partners with the saints in light:
Call, O call us each by name!

To the marriage of the Lamb:
Let us lean upon thy breast!

Love be there our endless feast!

Come Thou High And Lofty Lord Hymn Lyric

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