Come Thou Blessed Holy Spirit



Come, Thou blessed Holy Spirit,
O, descend upon us now!

Let us feel Thy hallowed presence
While we meekly, humbly bow.

Holy Spirit, come, O come,
Come with heav’n’s baptismal fire;
Now in mighty power descend,
Our waiting hearts inspire.

Come, O sacred Inspiration!

Come, Thou dear celestial Dove,
Bring to us the great salvation,
Life, and peace, and heavenly love.

Come, divine Illuminator,
God in Christ to us reveal;
Come, O come, Thou great Refiner,
Melt and stamp us with Thy seal.

Come, Thou blessed Sanctifier,
Wash our souls from ev’ry sin;
Now apply the blood that cleanseth,
Now set up Thy throne within.

Come in Pentecostal glory,
Come with all Thy wondrous grace;
Now with all Thy wealth of blessing,
Come and fill this sacred place.

Come Thou Blessed Holy Spirit Hymn Lyric

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