Come Souls That Long For Jesus



Come souls that long for Jesus,
Come listen while we sing,
The hand that hath redeemed us
From sorrow and from sin,
O come and taste the sweetness
That from a Savior flows,
The grace of true repentance
That Christ on him bestows.

Though tears and bitter mourning
May seem to cast us down,
It shows we are returning
To our eternal home,
What tho’ we are dejected,
And find a darksome night,
We shall not be rejected,
For Christ will give us light.

These thirsty longing mourners
Are blessed with the word,
Which proves they are returners
To Christ the living Lord,
Who many wants discover,
And long for righteousness,
Declare that they are lovers
Of Christ the Prince of peace.

The gospel now invites you
To fly into his arms,
Where you shall find rescue
From all the law’s alarms,
There mercy’s charms are witnessed
To all that are distressed,
Flowing in all its sweetness
From Jesu’s loving breast.

And ye that now are wandering
In sin’s forbidden way,
Ye simple and ye scorning,
Who love to go astray,
Hear Jesu’s voice inviting
O sinner turn to me.

There’s sweetness in returning
From sin’s forbidden way.

My invitation freely
And kindly I address
To those who are stout-hearted,
And far from righteousness,
Lo, here’s a flowing fountain,
For whosoever will,
My grace is still abounding,
O come and drink your fill.

Come Souls That Long For Jesus Hymn Lyric

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