Come Sinners Now Approach Your God



Come sinners now approach your God,
With new melodious songs;
Behold the treasures of his blood,
Have cleansed a numerous throng.

See Jesus stand with open arms,
Inviting you to come;
Hear how his mercy sweetly charms,
And tells you there is room.

But hark!

methinks I hear you say, I’m an unworthy soul,
I’ve sinned my day of grace away,
I hear his thunders roll.

My sins are of a crimson dye,
And I’m a captive led;
Can such a sinful soul as I,
Be from this bondage freed?

Now I deserve the lowest hell,
Who spurned his offered grace;
And tempting others to rebel,
Provoked him to his face.

Stop trembling soul and hear me tell
The wonders of his love;
He snatched me from the brink of hell,
And raised my soul above.


hear the blessed Jesus say, Poor soul you need not doubt;
The soul that will come unto me,
I’ll in no wise cast out.

If ever any trembling soul,
That unto Jesus come,
Had e’er been banished or cast off,
I must have been the one.

But God has mercy yet in store,
For all that will believe;
You need not fear because you’re poor,
That he will you deceive.

Come now and take him at his word,
He will not angry be;
Put your whole trust in Christ the Lord,
And he will set you free.

Come Sinners Now Approach Your God Hymn Lyric

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