Come Sinner To The Gospel Feast O Come



Come, sinner, to the gospel feast;
Oh, come without delay;
For there is room in Jesus’ breast
For all who will obey.

There’s room in God’s eternal love
To save thy precious soul;
Room in the Spirit’s grace above
To heal and make thee whole.

There’s room within the church, redeemed
With blood of Christ divine;
Room in the white-robed throng, convened
For that dear soul of thine.

There’s room in heaven among the choir,
And harps and crowns of gold,
And glorious palms of victory there,
And joys that ne’er were told.

There’s room around thy Father’s board
For thee, and thousands more:
Oh, come and welcome to the Lord;
Yea, come this very hour.

Come Sinner To The Gospel Feast O Come Hymn Lyric

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