Come Sinner Behold What Jesus Hath Done



Come, sinner, behold what Jesus hath done,
Behold how he suffered for thee;
They crucified him, God’s innocent Son,
Forsaken, He died on the tree!

They crucified him, they crucified him,
They nailed him to the tree,
And so there he died,
A King crucified
To save a poor sinner like me.

From heaven he came, he loved you-he died;
Such love as his never was known;
on the cross your King crucified,
To make you an heir to his throne!

No pittying eye, a saving arm, none,
He saw us and pitied us then;
in the fight, the vict’ry he won;
O praise him, ye children of men.

They crucified him, and yet he forgave,
My Father, forgive them, he cried,
What must he have borne, the sinner to save,
When under the burden he died!

So what will you do with Jesus your King?

Say, how will you meet him at last?

What plea in the day of wrath will you bring,
When offers of mercy are past?

Come Sinner Behold What Jesus Hath Done Hymn Lyric

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