Come See On Bloody Calvary



Come see on bloody Calvary,
Suspended on th’accursed tree,
A harmless suff’rer cover’d o’er
With shame, and welt’ring in his gore.

Is this the Savior long foretold
To usher in the age of gold?

To make the reign of sorrow cease,
And bind the jarring world in peace?

‘Tis He, ’tis He!

–he kindly shrouds His glories in a night of clouds,
That souls might from their ruin rise,
And heir the imperishable skies.

See, to their refuge and their rest,
From all the bonds of guilt releas’d,
Transgressors to his cross repair,
And find a full redemption there.

Jesus, what millions of our race
Have been the triumphs of thy grace!

And millions more to thee shall fly,
And on thy sacrifice rely.

Come See On Bloody Calvary Hymn Lyric

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