Come Saints And Sinners Hear Me Tell



Come, saints and sinners hear me tell
The wonders of Emmanuel,
Who saved me from a burning hell
And brought my soul with Him to dwell,
And gave me Heavenly Union.

When Jesus saw me from on high,
Beheld my soul in ruin lie,
I grieved me so that I must die.

I strove salvation for to buy,
But still I found no Union.

But when I hated all my sins,
My dear Redeemer took me in
And with His blood He washed me clean,
And, oh, what seasons I have seen
Since first I found this Union.

I praised the Lord both night and day,
I went from house to house to pray,
And if I met one on the way,
I always found something to say
About the Heavenly Union.

I wonder why all saints don’t sing
And make the heavenly arches ring,
And spread the news from pole to pole
‘Till every nation has been told
About the Heavenly Union.

Come Saints And Sinners Hear Me Tell Hymn Lyric

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