Come Said Jesus Come Apart



Come, said Jesus, come apart,
From the stern and busy day;
He who knows thy weary heart,
Calls thee to the desert way.

Come, oh, come to me and rest,
Find my bosom soft and sweet;
Come to me, and thou art blest,
In the desert’s lone retreat.

Rest awhile, but not forever,
Back again with sharper sword;
Take the world-lost for thy Savior,
‘Tis the promise of his word.

Hearts of sorrow, turn aside,
Tears have told thy keenest grief;
Come, and now in me abide,
And thy soul shall find relief.

Rest, sweet rest remains for you,
When the battle work is done;
Rest for loyal hearts and true,
When the crown of life is won.

Come Said Jesus Come Apart Hymn Lyric

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