Come Rain From The Heavens



Come, Rain from the heavens, to quicken and nourish
The languishing field,
That like a fair garden it prosper and flourish,
Rich harvest to yield.

Lend zeal to our lukewarm, indifferent hearts;
Revive and inspirit
With Golgotha’s merit
Our innermost hearts,
Our innermost hearts.

Come, Spirit, our Comfort, Thou Strength of our senses,
Thou heavenly Friend,
Like dew that in deserts refreshment dispenses
Our needs to attend,
That we to the Father may fervently pray,
And, upward progressing,
Sustained by His blessing,
May prosper for aye,
May prosper for aye.

Come, heavenly Unction, anointing our spirits
With pow’r from above,
That all we achieve may arise from the merits
Of Christ and His love;
The fruits of the Spirit let with us remain
In verdant condition,
All sinful ambition
And lust to restrain,
And lust to restrain.

Come, Dove out of heaven, our hearts to embower
With brotherly love,
That Christians who know Thee may husband the power
Of grace from above.

O help us to draw from this plentiful source
That we may not falter,
Nor ever may alter
Our heavenward course,
Our heavenward course.

Help, Spirit of Jesus, the name of our Father
As children to speak;
Establish our hope in His Kingdom to gather,
Its treasures to seek.

O make us to grow in the faith of the Son
And strive by His merit
The crown to inherit
That He for us won,
That He for us won.

Come Rain From The Heavens Hymn Lyric

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