Come Put On The Armor Of Jesus



Come, put on the armor of Jesus,
Make ready to battle with sin,
And conquer the foes that beset us,
The foes, both without and within.

Lift high the victorious banner,
The truth that for ages has stood;
Be firm in the midst of temptation,
And overcome evil with good.

The banner of truth we must follow,
Nor linger, in doubt and in fear;
For Jesus is strong to deliver,
Fear not, for the Captain is near.

Right onward, forevermore onward,
We march in the strength of the King;
For God and the good of our neighbor,
Our lives as an offering we bring.

Whatever the sin that opposes,
The order must be understood;
Be not overcome by the evil,
But overcome evil with good.

Come Put On The Armor Of Jesus Hymn Lyric

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