Come Praise God For Faithful People



Come, praise God for faithful people
long ago whose hearts were stirred with a passion for the gospel and a zeal to preach the Word.

Praise God that the church they founded
breathes with life and hope today, offering us a faith that’s grounded in Christ’s holy, loving way.

Sing God’s praises for the vision
of the pure and good in heart who embraced the church’s mission and rejoiced to do their part.

Praise God that their keen discerning
of the work that faith demands wakes in us a heartfelt yearning to obey what love commands.

Celebrate the shepherds caring
for the flock within their fold, and with strangers, gladly sharing, men and women, young and old.

Praise God that their joy in giving
of themselves, despite the cost, heartens us for thankful living and to bear another’s cross.

Come, then lift your hearts and voices
in glad praise, for we belong to a people that rejoices in love’s story and its song.

Praise God who sent Christ to save us,
and the faithful work begun.

Praise the gifts the Spirit gave us.

Praise our God, the Three in One.

Come Praise God For Faithful People Hymn Lyric

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