Come Poor Sinner Come To Jesus



Come, poor sinner, come to Jesus,
Bring Him all your sin and care;
Though your soul be bowed with anguish,
He will all your trouble share.

He is waiting, He is waiting,
Freely He will all forgive,
He will pardon, He will pardon,
Look to Jesus, look and live.

Though your sins arise like mountains,
Though like crimson they appear,
Through the precious blood of Jesus
They shall be like crystal clear.

Oh, the precious blood that bought you!

Oh, the suff’rings on the tree!

Can you slight His offered mercy,
And His love so pure and free?

Jesus, pleading, calls the wand’rer,
Stands with outstretched arms to save;
See the wounds received on Calv’ry,
Freely there His life He gave.

Come, then, precious soul, to Jesus,
Hasten now, your sins forsake;
Jesus ready stands to save you,
Come, oh, come before too late.

Come Poor Sinner Come To Jesus Hymn Lyric

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