Come On My Fellow Pilgrims Come



Come on my fellow-pilgrims, come,
And let us all be hastening home;
We soon shall land on you blest shore,
Where pains and sorrows are no more:
There we our Jesus shall adore,
For ever blest.

What though our way to Zion be
Beset with pain and poverty,
What though temptation us assail,
Tho’ foes increase and friends do fail,
The Lord’s our friend we’ll cry all hail!

For ever blest.

O what a joyful meeting when,
With all the saints and righteous men,
With angels and archangels too,
We sing the song for ever new,
And still have Jesus in our view
For ever blest.

No period then our joys shall know,
Secure from every mortal foe;
No sickness there, no want or pain
Shall e’er disturb our rest again,
when with Immanuel we reign For ever blest.

Come On My Fellow Pilgrims Come Hymn Lyric

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