Come O Thou Prince Of Glory



Come, O thou prince of glory come!

O dwell with us, here make thy home;
To all the nations shew thy light,
And bring the way of truth to sight.

To thee is known all we do need,
Thou art our comforter indeed.

We give our hearts and minds to thee,
O may thy dwelling with us be!

But O, thou art already here!

Our minds and senses feel thee near–
We know that thou art good and kind.

Thy grace works sweetly on our mind.

O fill our hearts with heavenly love!

Teach us true wisdom from above;
Our hearts and wills to thee incline,
And cause us to be wholy thine.

Direct our minds in all thy ways;
Our tongues imploy to shew thy praise–
So shall we serve thee as we ought
In all our actions, words and thought.

Grant us thy blessed spirits aid,
By which our feeble minds are stay’d!

Increase our hope, confirm our faith,
And make us faithful unto death.

With heav’nly aid our souls revive,
In faith, and truth, and love to thrive,
Till we with holy Angels sing:
Hosannah to the Lord our king.

Come O Thou Prince Of Glory Hymn Lyric

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