Come O Thou Blessed Comforter



Come O thou blessed comforter,
Thy precious gifts on us confer;
Thy glorious light to us reveal,
And cause each heart thy love to feel.

May we like the Disciples be:
Who earnestly did wait on thee;
Until thy promises were giv’n
Thy gifts on them sent down from heav’n.

May we like they, be fill’d with joy,
Like they, our efforts all employ;
To sing thy praise, and shew thy love,
Thy wonders and thy blessings prove.

Thy heav’nly aid and quick’ning pow’rs
Can warm these frozen hearts of ours:
Likewise afford us, life and heat,
To conquer every foe we meet.

To feel thy love is life indeed!

Thy gifts and grace is all we need:
To make us happy in thy ways
And fit us for to sing thy praise.

Come O Thou Blessed Comforter Hymn Lyric

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