Come O Sinner All Is Ready



Come, O sinner, all is ready!

Hear the loving Saviour plead,
From death’s dungeon He would free thee,
On the living pathway lead.

Know the Father’s will to save:
Yet a day of grace He gave;
Hearken to the voice that calls thee,
Ere His righteous doom befalls thee.

If thou to the Lord’s entreaties
Close thine ears and lock thy heart,
If thou spurn the hand that beckons
Thee from evil ways apart,
Soon that gentle voice may cease:
Know the things unto thy peace,
Ere the door shall close forever,
thee from heav’nly bliss to sever.

But if thou in deep contrition
Ownest to thy helplessness,
Trusting solely in His merit
Who achieved thy righteousness,
Hearken, then, unto His call.

At His table humbly fall,
There receive the food fro heaven
For thy faith’s sustention given.

Lord and Saviour, keep and guide me
By Thy gospel light, I pray,
That the world by her seductions
Draw me not from Thee away.

In Thy body and Thy blood
Give me now that precious food
Which Thy witness here shall make me,
Till to thine abode Thou take me.


Come O Sinner All Is Ready Hymn Lyric

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