Come O My Soul My Every Power Awaking



Come, O my soul, my every power awaking,
Look unto Him whose goodness crowns thy days;
While into song angelic choirs are breaking,
Oh, let thy voice its thankful tribute bring.

Tell how alone the path of death He trod;
Tell how He lives, thy Advocate with God;
Lift up thy voice, while heaven’s triumphant throng
Swell at His feet the everlasting song.

Think, O my soul, now patiently He sought thee
Far, far away upon the mountain steep,
Then in His arms how tenderly He brought thee
Home to His fold, a weary, wandering sheep.

Sing, O my soul, and let thy pure devotion
Rise to His throne, thy Saviour, Friend, and Guide;
Sing of His love, that, like a mighty ocean,
Flows unto thee and all the world beside.

Soon, O my soul, thine earthly house forsaking,
Soon shalt thou rise the better world to see;
Then will thy harp, a noble strain awaking,
Praise Him who died to purchase life for thee.

Come O My Soul My Every Power Awaking Hymn Lyric

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