Come O Come Thou Quickening Spirit



Come, O come, Thou quickening Spirit,
God from all eternity!

Let us Thy blest grace inherit,
And our souls be filled by Thee;
Then will spirit, life, and light
Dissipate our inner night.

Grant our hearts in heav’nly measure
Wisdom, counsel, purity,
That we never may take pleasure
In aught but what pleases Thee;
In Thy knowledge make us whole,
And from error free the soul.

Let us trust Thy witness wholly,
That we are the sons of God,
Who rely upon Him solely,
When they pass beneath the rod;
For the Father’s chastenings
Bless above all earthly things.

Prompt us, that we come before Him
Joyously with hope in view,
Sigh in us, when we implore Him,
And e’er plead for us anew;
Then our prayer will not be vain,
And our faith new strength will gain.

Should our soul for comfort languish,
And despondency grow strong,
That the heart must cry in anguish:
Oh, my God, my God, how long!

Soothe Thou then the aching breast,
Grant us patience, strength, and rest.

Mighty Spirit of reliance!

Sure Defence in all our need!

When the foe bids us defiance,
Bid Thy work in us God speed!

Grand us weapons for the strife,
And with victory crown our life.

Guard our faith, that naught molest it–
Satan, death, or scornful jeer–
Let no power from us wrest it,
Thou, O God, our trust and cheer!

Though our heart would fain say nay,
Be Thy Word to us still yea.

And when life with death is blending,
Then assure us yet the more,
As the heirs of life unending,
Of the glory there in store,
Which can never be expressed,
But with which we shall be blest.

Come O Come Thou Quickening Spirit Hymn Lyric

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