Come O Come Thou Quickening Spirit God



Come, O come, thou quickening Spirit,
God before the dawn of time!

Fire our hearts with holy ardor,
Blessed Comforter sublime!

Let thy radiance fill our night,
Turning darkness into light.

Only that which thou desirest
Be our object;
with thy hand
Lead our every thought and action
That they be but thy command.

All our sinfulness erase
With the increase of thy grace.


Blessed Spirit, who renewest
All that dwell upon the earth,
When the evil one assails us
Help us prove our heavenly birth;
Arm us with thy mighty sword
In the legions of the Lord.

Help us keep the faith forever;
Let not Satan, death or shame
Draw us from thee, or deprive us
Of the honor of thy Name.

When the foe would lure us hence,
Be thou, God, our sure defence.


Come O Come Thou Quickening Spirit God Hymn Lyric

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