Come Near To Me Thy Master Speaks



Come near to me, thy Master speaks,
Oh, why this long delay?

Thou art the soul that Jesus seeks,
He calleth thee today.

Come near, come near, for I am He,
Who teacheth thee,
Who leadeth thee
In the way that thou shouldst go.

Come near, and meet Him face to face,
Thy Saviour crucified;
Accept His pardon, seek His grace,
And close to Him abide.

Oh, haste and come, ere darkness falls,
The call rings loud and clear;
‘Tis He, thy great Redeemer calls,
The heav’nly message hear.

Afar from Him when fears o’ertake,
How shalt thou find thy way?

Before the storms of sorrow break,
Come near to Him today.

Come Near To Me Thy Master Speaks Hymn Lyric

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