Come My Soul And Let Us Try



Come, my soul, and let us try
For a little season,
Every burden to lay by;
Come, and let us reason.

What is this that casts thee down?

Who are they that grieve you?

Speak, and let the worst be known;
Speaking may relieve you.

Christ by faith sometimes I see,
Then it doth relieve me;
But my sins return again
Those are they that grieve me;
Troubled like the restless sea,
Feeble, faint, and fearful:
Plunged in sins, a sore disease,
How can I be cheerful?

Think on what your Savior bore
In the gloomy garden,
Sweating blood from every pore,
To procure thy pardon;
See him stretched upon the wood,
Bleeding, groaning, crying!

Suffering all the wrath of God,
Groaning, gasping, dying!

Come My Soul And Let Us Try Hymn Lyric

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