Come My Fathers Family



Come my Father’s Family,
Ye Ransom’d of the Lord,
Come, ye Sinners who with me,
Are ev’ry where abhorr’d;
Let us gladly trace his Steps,
Who suffer’d Death among the Jews;
Who the friendless Soul accepts,
Whom all beside refuse.

Jesus, the Dispis’d and Mean,
Our Master let us own,
He the Sacrifice for Sin,
The Saviour, he alone;
Let us take and bear his Cross,
Despis’d Disciples let us be,
Mock’d and slighted as he was,
For you, my Friend, and me.

None but Jesus will we sing,
None else will we adore;
He our Prophet, Priest, and King
Shall be for evermore;
None among the heavenly Powers,
Nor one on Earth our Praise can claim,
None bu Jesus call we ours,
None but the bleeding Lamb.

Come My Fathers Family Hymn Lyric

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