Come Lord Thyself In All Thy Grace



Come, Lord, Thyself, in all Thy grace;
Mine utmost need Thine eyes can trace:
Be Thou my guide through life’s long way,
Nor let my falt’ring footsteps stray.

Upon mine eyes dark dawns the day,
The sounds of earth fall far away;
None, none can aid;
by death’s lone door
I leave man’s help for evermore.

None, none can aid, save Thou, dear Lord;
I stay me on Thy faithful Word;
Let earth decay, heav’n’s glories pale,
Jehovah’s Word can never fail.

O may each psalm my voice can raise
Extol Thy kindness, hymn Thy praise;
O may each note my peps can frame
In heaven’s glory laud Thy name.

For evermore through that bright day
I would my Savior’s grace display
And praise with all the ransomed host
Thee, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Come Lord Thyself In All Thy Grace Hymn Lyric

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