Come Lord And Fight The Battle



Come, Lord, and fight the battle,
My hands are tired and faint;
I have no strength to struggle,
Consider my complaint,
One of Thy weakest soldiers
Is weary in the field;-
Yet Thine is all the vict’ry,
Thy love is all my shield.

‘Tis not that I am weary
Of service done for Thee;-
‘Tis not that I would alter
Thy loving will for me,-
Sweet is the vineyard labour,
Through all the toil and heat;
And sweet the lonely night-watch,
Safe resting at Thy feet.

Yet, Lord, there is a warfare
No eye but Thine may see;

hear my cry for succour, Come Thou, and fight for me.

The self I cannot conquer,
The will that still is mine,

take them both, Lord Jesus, And make them one with Tine.

Take them!

I cannot yield them-
I am not what I seemed;
I have no power, Lord Jesus,
To do what Once I dreamed;
The yearning of the earth-life
Is stronger than my strength;
When may the spell be broken,
And freedom come at length?

Like dew on drooping blossoms,
Like breath from holy place,
Laden with health and healing,
Come Thy deep words of grace:
Thy strength is all in leaning
On One who fights for thee,
Thine is the helpless clinging,
And Mine the victory.

Come Lord And Fight The Battle Hymn Lyric

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