Come Living God When Least Expected



Come, living God, when least expected,
when minds are dull and hearts are cold, through sharpening word and warm affection revealing truths as yet untold.

Break from the tomb in which we hide you
to speak again in startling ways;
break through the words in which we bind you to resurrect our lifeless praise.

Come now, as once you came to Moses
within the bush alive with flame, or to Elijah on the mountain, by silence pressing home your claim.

So, let our minds be sharp to read you
in sight or sound or printed page, and let us greet you in our neighbours, in ardent youth or mellow age.

Then, through our gloom, your Son will meet us
as vivid truth and living Lord, exploding doubt and disillusion to scatter hope and joy abroad.

Then we will share his radiant brightness
and, blazing through the dread of night, illuminate by love and reason, for those in darkness, faith’s delight.

Come Living God When Least Expected Hymn Lyric

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