Come Listen To My Story Cristus Natus Hodie



Come, listen to my story,
Christus natus hodie:
Born is the King of glory,
Rex de Virgine.

Nowell, Nowell, good news I tell,
God comes on earth a stranger:

Lies cradled in a manger.

Came angels down, a number,
On the midnight of His birth:
Ye shepherds, wake from slumber:
Peace, goodwill on earth,
And bliss on high, the angels cry,
To you is born and given,

of maid Marie, Th’almighty Lord of Heaven.

Then rode three kings together,
Over desert, hill, and dale:
Naught caring for the weather,
Sleet, and snow, and hail.

They came from far, led by a star,
With beams that never vary:

full fain they are To see the Babe of Mary.

Away then banish sorrow;
Nato Regi psallite;
Sith Christ is born this morrow,

With angels eke and shepherds meek,
And with yon eastern sages,

let us go seek The newborn King of ages.

Come Listen To My Story Cristus Natus Hodie Hymn Lyric

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