Come Holy Ghost In Faith Us Teach



Come, Holy Ghost, in faith us teach
To love none but our Saviour
From all our heart, with all our might,
And thus to serve him ever,
That we, ‘gainst death, our fiercest foe,
Find shelter in His wounds, and so
Be rescued by His merit.

Grant that Thy wholesome doctrine’s power
May be our dearest treasure,
And let Thy word, the bread of life,
Help us to heaven’s pleasure.

Yea, let us die to every sin,
Revive the life of faith again,
To bear fruit of the Spirit.

When life and breath depart from us
In death’s last awful hour,

may our hearts then realize The working of Thy power;
That we into our Saviour’s hand
With conscious trust our souls commend,
To gain rest everlasting.

Come Holy Ghost In Faith Us Teach Hymn Lyric

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