Come Holy Ghost Eternal God



Come, Holy Ghost, eternall God,
proceeding from above;
Both from the Father and the Sonne,
the God of peace and love.

Visit our minds, into us
thy heav’nly grace inspire That truth and godliness,
we may have true desire.

Thou ar the very Comforter
in all wo and distresse:
The heavenly gift of God most high,
which no tongue can expresse.

the fountaine and the living spring of joy celestiall, The fire so bright, the love so cleare,
and unction spirituall.

Thou in Thy gifts art manifold,
whereby Christ’s Church doth stand;
In faithful hearts writing thy law,
the finger of God’s hand.

According to thy promise made
thou givest speech with grace:
That through thy help the praise of God
may stand in every place.

O Holy Ghost, into our wits
send down thy heavenly light;
Kindle our hearts with fervent love,
to serve God day and night.

Strenght and stablish all our weakness,
so feelbe and so fraile, That neither flesh, the world, nor divell
against us do prevaile.

Put back our enemies far from us,
and grant us to obtaine Peace in our hearts with God and man,
without grudge or disdaine.

And grant O Lord that thou being
our leader and our guide, We may eschew the snares of sin,
and from thee never slide.

To us such plenty of the grace
good Lord grant we thee pray:
That thou maist be our Comforter,
at the last dreadful day.

Of all strife and dissension
O Lord, dissolve the bands,
And make the knots of peace and love
throughout all Christian lands.

Grant us, O Lord, through thee to know
the Father of all might:
That of his deare beloved Sonne
we may attaine the sight.

And that with perfect faith also
we may acknowledge thee The Spirit of them both alway,
One God in persons three.

Laud and praise be to the Father,
and to the Son equall:
And to the Holy Spirit also,
one God coeternall.

And may we that the only Son
vouchsafe his Spirit to send To all that do professe his Name,
unto the world’s last end.

Come Holy Ghost Eternal God Hymn Lyric

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