Come Friends Sing Of The Country So Dear



Come, friends, sing of the country so dear to me,
Famed o’er the world for sweet liberty;
Raise the song with cheer, and her virtues so rare extol;
Join in the glad refrain, let her praises roll.

Hail to the glorious nation,
America, home of the free!

Blazoned with glory thy hist’ry,
Greater thy future shall be;
Striving for justice and progress,
Waving Old Glory on high,
Trusting in God who befriended our fathers,
Columbia shall never die.

Native land, that our fathers so brave made free,
Matchless resources God gave to thee;
May thy sons be true and thy honors and wealth increase,
Be just before the world and preserve thy peace.

Lord of hosts, in Thee doth our nation trust,
Author of freedom, mighty and just,
Thro’ Thy grace we stand as the many in one today;
God keep our great republic, we ever pray.

Come Friends Sing Of The Country So Dear Hymn Lyric

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