Call Them In – Call Them In The Poor, The Wretched, Sin-Stained Wand’Rers From The Fold



Call them in the poor, the wretched,
Sin-stained wand’rers from the fold;
Peace and pardon freely offer;
Can you weigh their worth with gold?

Call them in the weak, the weary,
Laden with the doom of sin;
Bid them come and rest in Jesus;
He is waitingCall them in.

Call them in the Jew, the Gentile;
Bid the stranger to the feast;
Call them in the rich, the noble,
From the highest to the least:
Forth the Father runs to meet them,
He hath all their sorrows seen;
Robe, and ring, and royal sandals,
Wait the lost onesCall them in.

Call them in the mere professors,
Slumbering, sleeping, on death’s brink;
Naught of life are they possessors,
Yet of safety vainly think;
Bring them in the careless scoffers,
Pleasure seekers of the earth:
Tell of God’s most precious offers,
And of Jesus’ priceless worth.

Call them in the broken-hearted,
Cowering ‘neath the brand of shame;
Speak Love’s message low and tender,
‘Twas for sinners Jesus came:
See, the shadows lengthen round us,
Soon the day-dawn will begin;
Can you leave them lost and lonely?

Christ is comingCall them in.

Call Them In - Call Them In The Poor, The Wretched, Sin-Stained Wand'Rers From The Fold Hymn

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